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What Is Nintendo’s E3 Strategy?

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June 12 (Bloomberg) -- Nintendo of America President and Chief Operating Officer Reggie Fils-Aime discusses the company’s strategy at the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

I would say that our strategy at e3 this year is about invention and reinvention.

Invention in terms of a whole new style of play, like amigo, like spittoon.

And reinvention with our other games.

And what we are doing with our brand-new concept and with super mario 3-d world.

Invention and reinvention is what we are trying to do.

Do you monitor console sales and headlines get based on that.

Some of the arguments have been that the wii u has to catch up with microsoft and sony.

Do you do that with the games?

We do that with the games.

But the true state of the business is if you look at sales for what sony has done, microsoft, and what we have done , it is all in a tight circle.

There is no winner or loser at this point.

Going forward, what will the find -- defined as generation are the games.

That is where we are fortunate that we have our own development studios that can create content that can only be found on nintendo platforms.

Mario kart had a very successful debut.

How big a game do you think that can be in terms of overall sales?

When you talk about the impact of a game like mario kart, you have to look at the sales.

One point $2 million essentially over the course of a weekend.

But you also have to look at the impact on hardware.

What we had an analyst meeting this morning, mario kart sold more, four times more hardware than in the two weeks prior.

It is a systems seller and that is because you can only find it on the wii u. and as far as the amoebo, it is coming to light indirectly.

Do you feel like you are taking from their playbook echo the nintendo take on amiibo, first, it is a nintendo ip.

They can only be played on our platform.

Second, it can be played with these figures across a range of software.

We announced with mario kart eight, a totally different -- five different titles that you can use in the start of the next few months.

For us, having that is critically important.

You mentioned the word ip.

Obviously, the nintendo ip is incredibly valuable.

Maybe some of those characters that are not necessarily part of what is happening at e3 right now, somehow making them more readily available in this world of mobile devices, tablet, smartphones, what do you say to that?

We say that what drives our business is our ip.

That is why you can only find our ip on our platform.

We said publicly that what we will be doing is finding creative ways to leverage smartphones, tablet, pcs, to drive awareness and to drive compelling interest in our games.

And we are doing that right now, for example, with mario kart eight.

We have launched something called mario kart tv.

It is a website where you can get video content that consumers

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